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  Back To School  First Day <> Getting-to-Know-You Activities Gr.2-up
   Icebreakers, Games, and Activities <> Preschool Themes - Back to School
   Bulletin Boards & Classroom Decor <> All About Me - I Am Special Book
   Free Mini Posters Share  Listen  Clean Up  Take Turns  Bullying
   Zaner Bloser Style Desk Tape: Manuscript <> Mrs. Jackson's Class  Links  Ideas  Activities  Units

Labor Day  The Holiday Zone Click Labor Day <> Labor Day Newspaper
September 11 Internet Archive Wayback Machine September 11th
TIME: September 11  A Nation Remember <> The September 11 Digital Archive

Open House  Parent Night Many Ideas for Teachers  Poem  <> Teachers Tips Open House

Jewish Holidays  Rosh Hashanah <> Yom Kippur  RH 9/30

Ramadan The Fast of Ramadan <> Ramadan Islam

Constitution Day Congress for Kids <> The Constitution for Kids Grades K-3  4-7  8-12
   National Constitution Center Interactive  Searchable <> The U.S. Constitution Online Great Resource
Day of Peace September 21  Pinwheels for Peace Great Class or School Activity
International Day of Peace Information   Find Activities in Your Area
USDA Forest Service  Fall Colors  Hotspots
   Fall Color Facts  Folklore <> CanTeach: Songs & Poems Fall
Leaves Early Learning
<> Lots Of Leaves Patterns  <> Why Leaves Change Color
   Activity Idea Place: Leaves <> Why do leaves change color in Fall? Science Projects

Columbus Day  The Columbus Navigation Homepage <> Columbus Poem - Ogden Nash
   Christopher Columbus Poem and Song 4 Line Poem

Daylight Saving Time Daylight Saving Time  Information <> The International Date Line
The Official U.S. Time <> Daylight Saving Time The Changes <> Universal Time GMT

Halloween  Halloween Craft Projects <> Macaroni Skeleton
   Pumpkin Project <> Pumpkins Activities <> Halloween Craft Projects for Families
   Halloween Carols  <> Halloween History Stories  <> Halloween Spider Fun and Learning!
   Halloween Fun Crafts & More <> Batquest  Learn About Bats <> Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe
    Songs & Poems - Pumpkins and Jack O' Lanterns <>  Halloween Games Coloring
Halloween Readers' Theater

Elections  Election Center 2008 - Election & Politics News from CNN
   The PBS Kids Democracy Project <> Election 2008 Resources  This site has it all.
     Elections Unit  Activities <> America Votes: Presidential Campaign Memorabilia
    Political Fact Check Holding Politicians Accountable
   Propaganda Techniques
<> Propaganda Lesson Plans in Media, Politics, Advertising, Warfare, Conflict

Science Fairs The Ultimate Science Fair Resource  Ideas, Information, Links and Projects
   Science Fair Project Resource Guide Internet Public Library <>  More Links on this Site
Veterans Day Remembering Veterans Day Activities  Resources <> The Origin of Veterans Day
   Veterans Day Quiz <> Tomb of the Unknowns, Arlington National Cemetery
Patriotic Crafts All Grade Levels <> Experiencing The War  Stories from Veterans

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Thanksgiving  History, Customs, & Traditions  <>  Animal Facts:  Turkeys
    The 1621 Thanksgiving  <> Teaching About Thanksgiving Native American Perspective
   Voyage on the Mayflower Virtual Tour  <> Thanksgiving History Quiz
   A Pilgrim Conversation Lesson Plan <>  Pilgrim Unit 7 Lessons
   Math Activity Worksheets Many  Gr. 1-5
<> Songs & Poems 
   Thanksgiving Crafts Many <> The Wampanoag Indians Thanksgiving Lesson
   Thankful Turkey Craft  Gr. 2-4  <>  Handprint Turkey Craft + Poem
   Turkey Alphabet Match Printable
 <>  Thanksgiving Coloring Pages <> Coloring Pages Printable
   Chicken Bones Science Experiment  <>  Cook's Thesaurus Care to Substitute an Ingredient


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Holidays Around the World: A Festival of Lessons! 10 Good Lessons
Chanukah HanuKat: Celebrate Hanukkah <>  Make a Driedel <> Dreidel Decoration Craft sticks
   Chanuka Classes Listen to songs in Hebrew <> Chanukah from Torah Tots Games  Coloring
Star of David Card <>  Hanukkah Word Origins
Polar Express  The Polar Express Curriculum Connections  Ideas <> Math Word Problems
   Take the Polar Express to Learning Activities  Puzzles <> Printable Train Ticket  in MS Word

Norad Tracks Santa Games  Check Christmas Eve
Santa Claus and Christmas at the Northpole Good Activities   Send Letter to Santa
   Sheryl's Holiday Site Extensive <> Christmas Time at Kid's Domain Extensive
   Kid's Domain Craft Exchange Many Holiday, Party, Gift, and Craft Ideas
   Christmas in Debi's Wonderful World Printables Gift Tags  Puzzles  Games   Icons
Christmas crafts, Homemade Christmas Decorations and Ornaments Mostly for Adults
   Christmas Carols Spanish <> TinyAlphabet Book Printable <> Christmas Recipes
   Paper Xmas Tree 3D <> 12 Days of Chrismas Lesson Plan Calculate Cost of Gifts & Graph

   Classroom Christmas Games & Activities
<> Christmas Cards (Printable  - and More Family Fun
    Custom Gift Tags Create and Print
Kwanzaa Kwanzaa Information  Activities  Links <> Everything About Kwanzaa
    Kwanzaa Family Book  Christmas Parodies NOT for site

Winter  Make a Snowflake  Fun  Online
   Make a Paper Snowflake <> Dave's Snowflake Patterns <> Play Snow for Crafting
   Make A Real Crystal Snowflake <> Snowflake Photographs
    Preschool Winter Theme Activities <> Igloos

January Several Calendars  Print and Color <> Calendar Make a Customized Calendar
New Year  Holiday Spot  Information  Party Ideas  Recipes
   New Year's Day  History Traditions Customs
<>  Several Calendar Printouts  Print and Color
   Popcorn Recipes
  <>  Pretzel Recipes <> Calendar Make a Customized Calendar

Martin Luther King  Martin Luther King Good Resource  Links
Martin Luther King, Jr Printables
<> Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers and Speeches
   Thematic Studies : Martin Luther King Jr. Activities and Printables
   Create your own "I Have A Dream Too" Speech Printable

Inauguration: January 20, 2005 <> The Presidency Questions  Activities
100th Day of School 100th Day of School  Ideas for all ages <> 100th Day of School Activities
   100th Day of School 300 Ideas <> 100th Day  50 Ideas from TeachersFirst

Chinese New Year  Jan 26 . 09 Chinese New Year <> Chinese New Year - Year of the Rat
Chinese New Year Mini-Book <> Write in Chinese Printable

Groundhog Day  Groundhog Day Links
Black History Month  African American History Month Library of Congress
   Black History Month  History  Issues  People

Encyclopedia Britannica's Guide to Black History <> African American World PBS
    Kulture Kidz <> Black History Activities Early Learners
IRS  Tax Forms  Publications
Valentine's Day 120+ Links <> Valentine History <> Valentine Crafts
   Valentine Games <> Printable Puzzles <> Valentine Party Kids Games
   Heart Mobiles  <> Valentine Secret Decoder Word Games <> Valentine Bookmarks

Presidents Day 
President's Day Links
<> Presidents' Day Information  Activities  Printables
Presidents Excellent  Information & Links <> The Presidents Class Activities
    The American Presidency <>  American Experience Information  
   George Washington's Mount Vernon Virtual Tour
<> Presidents' Day Word Search
    President's Day  Links <> Whitehouse for Kids <> Hangman Presidents
Leap Year LeapYear Facts and Trivia <> How Leap Year Came to Be Part of the Calendar
   The Year of Confusion  Highlights Kids  Posted 2/29/2008  OBama/Clinton Presid Campaign Close  Either historic 1st Pres   Dow @ 12,300  Weak Economy     Great Gifted Class @ Anex    Hailee just started walking 11+ months


Women's History Month  Women's History Month <> Distinguished Women of Past and Present
  Women Mathematicians

The Iditarod March 1, 08  The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Alaska  The Race is On!  For Teachers
Daylight Savings Time Starts March 9  Daylight Saving Time  Information
Daylight Savings Time History  Problems with DST <> The International Date Line
   The Official U.S. Time <> World Time and Time Zones Map

 Ice Alaska, World Ice Art Championships  Fairbanks, Alaska
Pi Day 3.14  Pi Day History  Activities <> Math Forum: About Pi  Information   Activities

St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick's Fun  <> St. Patrick's Day Unit
   St.Patrick's Day Activities  Ideas  Patterns <> Background Information
    The People of Ireland Culture  History  Myths  Recipes  <>  Lucky Charms Graph
From An Irish Kitchen  Recipes  Proverbs

Purim  Purim
<> Purim on the Net  March 20, 2008 (Jewish Year 5767)

Spring  Spring Activities for Younger Children <> Vernal (Spring) Equinox
   How to Make Layered Tissue Paper Flowers
IRS  Tax Forms  Publications   Frequently Asked Questions
April Fool's Day Family Fun: April Fools Day Pranks <> Famous Hoaxes Quiz History
The Hoax Files: The Truth Isn't Out There : <> Google April Fool's Day Jokes

National Poetry Month Ten National Poetry Month Activities <> Forms of Poetry for Children
   Poetry for Upper Elementary Students <> Listening Booth Poets Read their Poems
Instant Poetry Forms <> Kids Poetry Sites Links  Resources <> Reading Poetry Guidelines Follow Leatherback Turtles from Costa Rica to the Galapagos Islands                                            Started April 16

Easter Easter Crafts <> Egg Carton Ideas <>
   Easter Theme Unit  Excellent Learning Printables

Passover Pesach Holiday Games  Activities  Printable <> Torah Tots - Passover
    Passover  Information  Recipes
Earth Day Earthday Page  Planetpals  Info  Links  Activities <> Recycle Kits from Planetpals
   Celebrating Earth Week: It's Elemental <> Earth Day Groceries Project
   The Rainforest Site: Help Save Our Rainforests! <> Earth Day Network Information  Links
   Earth Day  Word Searches
<> Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Cinco de Mayo
The Holiday Zone: Arts and Crafts
<> Cinco de Mayo History
   Mexican Paper Flower

Mother's Day  MOM! Bookmarks <> Mother's Day Promise Coupons
    KD Craft Exchange Mother's Day <>  Coffee Filter Flower Pencil Craft
   Mother's Day Crafts <> Mother's Day Songs
Armed Forces Day  Armed Forces Day  May 17
End of Year  End of Year Awards and Certificates <> Certificates & Memories <> Poems
    Preschool Certificates <>  End of the Year Tips  Ideas
End of the Year Raffle <> Learning Up to the Very Last Minute Activities

Memorial Day
U.S. Memorial Day History & Information on U.S. War Memorials
The Memory Shall Be Ours: Celebrating Memorial Day  Activities  Resources  WebQuest
US Symbols Match Game <> Our American Flag  Print or Color  History <> Freedom Bracelet
   Patriotic Crafts All Grade Levels
<> Pinwheel Craft <> Craft Stick Flag <> Memorial Day Book Printable
    American Flag Activities Printables <> Creating a Memorial Day Poster Poem  <> Handprint Flag
June 1 Tropical Weather   National Hurricane Center    Florida Division of Emergency Management

Flag Day  Flag Day Ideas  For Younger Children  Songs  Crafts <> Make A Personal Flag
    Craft Stick Flag  <>  Our American Flag History   Print or Color
American Flag Activities Printables

Father's Day Kids Domain  History  Crafts  Links
<> Father's Day Crafts  Recipes
   Father's Day Crafts
<> Father's Day Coupons <>
Father's Day Crafts  Activities
   World's Greatest Certificates for Him Print  Color  for Dad  Uncle  Grandpa  Greatest Guy Poems

4th of July   Kid's Domain July 4th Fun <> Historic Documents <> July 4th Activity Book
   Patriotic Songs Listen  Read the Stories Behind the Songs <> Craft Stick Flag
   Pinwheel Craft <> NOVA Online  Fireworks! <> String of Stars  Craft
   Celebration Seltzer Rockets Uses Alka Seltzer
<> Coloring Pages <> Paper Bag Fireworks

The Beach
Sand Castle Central  Tips, Tricks & Pictures
<> Day at the Beach <> Beach Art

   Winter Olympics for Kids  Information  Cyberhunts

   Catch Winter Olympic Fever  Online Project <> Olympic Rings  Coloring Page

The Ancient Olympics
Olympics Schedules  Results <> Olympic Express Daily Magazine for Youngsters
     The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games <> Internationla Olympic Committee
Olympics - Enchanted Information  Activities <> Summer Olympic Games Wikipedia
   Olympic Records Through Time Lesson   Links <> Summer Games Measurement Lesson Gr. 6-8
   Winter Olympics for Kids  Information  Cyberhunts
   Catch Winter Olympic Fever  Online Project <> Olympic Rings  Coloring Page
The Journey  U.S. Olympic Team Members' Blogs
The War in Iraq Operation ShoeBox Support U.S. Troops   Links to other related Sites
    Operation Dear Email Messages <>  “Operation USO Care Package”
    Order Of Battle Who and What is There
<> Talking with Kids about War
Donate  American Red Cross